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Khon Kaen University

Khon Kaen University

Khon Kaen University (KKU) was one of four regional universities established in 1964 as part of a decentralizeddevelopment plan for higher education in Thailand. The campus is located in the northwest sector of KhonKaen, just a few kilometres from the center of the city. Situated in a most attractive park, the campus coversapproximately 900 hectares.

From small beginnings, KKU has grown enormously and is today home to more than 2,000 staff in seventeen faculties, four academic support centers, two academic services centers, a hospital and many research institutes, centres of excellence and specialist centres. Currently KKU has 43 international faculty staff and another 104 staff from other countries are coming as visiting lecturers or researchers. Fifty eight of our staff will be visiting other countries on various exchange programs.

In addition several new institutes are currently in the pipeline and will, in time, open the University’s door further to the public and increase its roles, responsibilities and commitments to the region around it. Over the past five years, 1524 papers have been published in ESI indexed journals with 6903 citations to these works.

KKU has a student population of nearly 21,000 undergraduates; 121 of these will undertake an exchange with another country, and additionally 73 students will arrive on exchange from other countries. There are currently over 7000 postgraduates (5600 FTE) studying for higher degrees at KKU, and 103 of these are international students. There will also be 67 inbound and 56 outbound postgraduate student exchanges this academic year. Although many students are housed in one of the 25 Halls of Residence, some students choose to find their own accommodation off campus.

KKU is the largest education and learning center in the Northeast of Thailand, and is recognized as the leader of new innovations in teaching and learning and research in the region. Khon Kaen city is the trade and administrative hub of the Northeast and is on a main transport route between the south and the Mekong Sub-region, and thus KKU is ideally placed to support the development of the Northeast and its neighboring counties.

KKU is committed to the development of its communities and its neighboring countries. KKU currently offers 31 International programs, and 11 English programs, with students from all our neighboring counties studying for degrees at KKU. As host to 18 Research Centers of Excellence, the E-Sarn software park and the Northeastern Sciences and Technology Park, KKU is an active hub for innovation and research.

KKU has been working hard to formalize its activities, collaborations and exchange programs through the signing of over 100 Memorandum of Understanding with other institutions in more than 21 countries. These allow us to define the scope, expectations and responsibilities of our partnerships more clearly, such as waiving of fees for student exchanges, support for research collaboration etc., and have added greater impetus to our partnerships. We are currently benefiting from tremendous goodwill and cooperation from our neighboring Asian institutions for our academic and training activities.

KKU has strong links with other universities in Southeast Asia through its GMSTEC and GMSARN membership, and the Scholarships for Neighboring Countries initiative. This initiative supports staff and students from institutions in the Greater Mekong region who have a memorandum of understanding with KKU, to come and study for higher degrees at KKU. This is a continuing program with new scholarships awarded annually, with the aim of significantly strengthening the human capital in specific areas in these neighboring countries.KKU annually hosts the Khon Kaen International Marathon, and also hosts a large number of regional events, such as the Northeastern Agricultural Fair and the Innovation Fair. KKU is continually seeking to improve the quality of its education, its services and its outreach.

Study Programs

Thai Programs

Science & Technology
- Faculty of Engineering
Computer Engineering

- Faculty of Technology
Food Technology
Production Technology

- Faculty of Science
Environmental Science
Applied Mathematics
Computer Science
Information and Communication
Geographical Information Systems

- Faculty of Agriculture
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Extension
Animal Science
Plant Pathology
Land Resource and Environment

Health Science
- Faculty of Public Health
Sanitary Sceince
Occupational Health and Safety
Public Health (full time and part-time 2 years)

- Faculty of Medicine
Medical Doctor
Biomedical and Communications
Radiology Technology

- Faculty of Dentistry
Dental Surgery

- Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science

- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine

- Faculty of Nursing
Nursing Science

Humanities and Social Science
- Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
Information Science
Business English
Social Development
Public Administration

- Faculty of Architecture
Architecture in Industrial Design

- Faculty of Management Science
Hotel and Tourism Management

- Faculty of Education
Teaching Thai Language
Social Studies
Science Education
Mathematics Education
Physical Education
Art Education
Computer Education
Teaching Japanese Language
Teaching English for Speakers Other Language

- Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts
Visual Communication Design
Thai Music
West Music
Folk Music and Performance

- Faculty of Law

- Nong Khai Campus
Computer Science
Food Technology
Hotel and Tourism Management
International Business

- College of Local Administration
Public Administration in Local Government Administration
Business Administration (Fiscal Management)
Technology Program in Instruction and Urban Management
Public Health ( Public Health and Environmental System Management)

International Programs
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Agricultural Systems
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Animal Science
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Horticulture
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Land Resources and Environment
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Water Resources Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Mechanical Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Pharmaceutical Care
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Social and Administrative Pharmacy
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Research and Development in Pharmaceuticals
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public Heath
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Civil Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Medical Biochemistry
Doctor of Philosophy Program in Nursing
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Master of Science Program in Animal Science
Master of Science Program in Land Resources and Environment
Master of Science Program in Agronomy
Master of Science Program in Soil Science
Master of Science Program in Agricultural Systems
Master of Science Program in Horticulture
Master of Engineering Program in Civil Engineering
Master of Economics in Economics
Master of Science Program in Prothodontics
Master of Science Program in Orthodontics
Master of Science Program in Medical Biochemistry
Master of Science Program in Medical Physics
Master of Science Program in Community Medicine
Master of Public Health (Biostatistics)
Master of Rural Development Management
Master of Nursing (Nursing)
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Bachelor of Education Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL)
Bachelor of Science Program in English Education (a dual collaborative degree program of KKU and Northern Arizona University, U.S.A.)


Khon Kaen University
123 Muang District, Khon Kaen 40002, Thailand
Official site:
Tel : +66 4320 2222-41
Fax : +66 4320 2216


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