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Chiang Mai Rajabhat University

Chiang Mai Rajabhat University
Chiang Mai Rajabhat University originally began as the Northern Country Agricultural Teacher-Training School in 1924. After 1948, it went through many changes including Chiang Mai Certificate Teacher-Training School, Chiang Mai Teacher-Training School , Chiang Mai Teachers' College, and finally Rajabhat Institute Chiang Mai. As a result of the Rajabhat University Act 2004, kindly signed by His Majesty the King Rama IX on June 10, 2004, and the announcement in the Gazette dated June 14, 2004, our school officially became Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. Our university serves many roles including educational management, academic research, academic services to the community, fostering of arts and culture, and professional development programs which respond to the rapid expansion of the economy, technology and society.

Chiang Mai Rajabhat University realizes the rapid and ever-changing development in societies and , therefore, we are continually developing new curricula and focusing on the university for positive community development.


Chiang Mai Rajabhat University is an old university with a long history, starting with the Northern County Agricultural Teacher - training School in 1924. After 1948, it was transformed into Chiang Mai Certificate Teachers - training School, Chiang Mai Teacher - training School and the Chiang Mai teachers' College.

On February 14, 1982, the year of King Rama IX's sixthieth birthday, he kindly named the 36 teacher's College "Rajabhat Institute" and on March 6, 1985 he kindly granted his royal crest as Rajabhat Institute's emblem. According to the Rajabhat Institute Act 1995, Rajabhat Institute Chiang Mai become the institution responsible for educational management and development of teachers under the mission "The Institution for Local Development"

Chiang Mai Rajabhat University realizes the rapid changes of the society, so we are continually developing new curricula in order to improve educational standards. Now we provide a Master' degree program, a project to extend educational opportunities and a project for educating the public.

Chiang Mai Rajabhat University composed of four campuses.
- Wieng Boa Campus, the main campus located on Chang Puek Road, north of Chiang Mai city center.
- Mae Sa Campus, Faculty of Management Science, located in Mae Rim District, 10 kilometers from Wieng Boa campus.
- Sa Luang Campus (2,320 acres), the Agricultural Center which is located in Mae Rim District, 27 kilometers from Wieng Boa Campus.
- Mae Hongson Campus, the campus for external services of educational service area.

Educational Managment

Faculty of Education
Educate graduates in education programs, provide Teaching Practicum Centre, Special Education Centre and Demonstration School for research and teaching profession resources. Presentation of local culture and academic services to communities are included in this faculty.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science
Educate graduates to be of good moral character and instill excellent academic abilities by means of participatory learning processes, research and information technology. Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese language programs under the cooperation with international universities are offered, including student and teacher exchange programs.

Faculty of Science and Technology
Educate graduates in sciences and applied sciences, emphasizing effective use of technology and good moral character to continually assist in the development of local communities. The Science Centre is also a study center for communities.

Faculty of Management Science
Educate graduates in business management, economics, accounting, management science and public relations in order to facilitate necessary skills, knowledge, and professional ability in the business community.

Faculty of Agricultural Technology
Educate graduates in agriculture sciences. Participatory projects, participatory learning processes and research in agricultural areas are incorporated into the creation of practical application in local communities.

Graduate School
Chiang Mai Rajabhat University realizes the need for personal and professional development in many different areas in the community, therefore, the graduate programs were established in 1995 in order to develop the potential of educators, and people in many public and private sectors. This program results in community and national development.

Community Services

Information and Technology Centre
Various kinds of books, textbooks, manuals and magazines, both in Thai and foreign languages, are available at the centre. Inter-library services, computer training and computer network for teaching and learning are also provided to lecturers, students and the general public.

Arts and Cultural Centre
The duties of this centre include the maintenance, preservation, and encouragement of Lanna arts and culture. "Rajabhat Dimond" is a project that encourages and gives honor to those who show ability and expertise in Lanna arts and culture. Lanna and Tai language teaching, Lanna massage training, local dances and parades, and a display of Lanna musical instruments at "Ruan Anusarn", a Lanna style house is also available.

Science Centre
Educational facilities dealing with science studies are provided at the science centre. Academic training, research study and project work on sciences and applied sciences for students, lecturers and interested persons are also arranged by the centre.

Language Centre
Information services on foreign languages, English, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese, are continually offered along with the language training courses for interested persons. Self-study programs are provided as well.

Chinese Studies Centre
The duty of the Chinese Studies Centre is to support Chinese language studies, research studies , and strengthen the relationship between Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and universities in China. Information collection and exchange is continually performed to support the university's academic potential to be internationally accepted.

Teacher Development Studies Centre
The role of the centre is to directly assist in the development of the potential of educators and lecturers, including curriculum development. Application of pedagogical science, which is locally and nationally accepted, is also a responsibility.

Demonstration School
Educational management to educate excellent, knowledgeable, culturally understanding and healthy students is the primary purpose of the Faculty of Education. Community educational resources are used for educational management which results in a good quality of life and happy society for the kindergarten and primary level students.

Special Educational Centre
Ability restoration services for mentally and physically handicapped people are offered, including giving guidance on how to manage special students to have a good quality of life in society.

Tourism Industry Practicum Centre
It is a practicum centre for students of the Tourism Industry Program. Accommodation, food, banquet and conference facilities are available in an impressive and secure atmosphere.

Contact information:
Official site:
Address: Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, 202 Changpuek Road. Muang CHIANG MAI 50300
Tel: +66 5388 5555
Fax: +66 5388 5556
more information:


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