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Kasetsart University

Kasetsart University

Kasetsart University is a state university of Thailand. Among the present 24 public universities and institutions and 40 private universities and Institutions in the country it ranks fourth chronologically and is the very first one to offer post-secondary degree-bound e ducational programs in agriculture. The three preceding it are also state universities, namely Chulalongkorn, Thammasat, and Mahidol, in that order.

Kasetsart emerged initially in 1938 at the Maejo village in Chiangmai as a unit of division rank of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture with the name of Kasetsart College, literally meaning College of Agricultural Science, and the primary responsibility of offering three-year post-secondary educational programs in response to the personnel requirements of the said ministry. In 1939, it was transferred to the present location at Bangkhen, Bangkok with the inclusion of the School of Forestry in Phrae Under is jurisdiction and the specification of Agriculture, Cooperative Science, and Forestry as the academic areas for its post-secondary education programs.

On 2 February 1943, through the Kasetsart University 2486, the Kasetsart Act B.E. 2486, the Kasetsart College was detached from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture and transformed into a unit equivalent to a department of the said ministry under the name of Kasetsart University (KU) with Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Cooperative Science, and Faculty of Fisheries as its primary structural units, and the authority to offer post-secondary degree-bound educational programs in Crop Production and Animal Husbandry, Forestry 1943 has been officially designated as the foundation day of Kasetsart University.

In 1946 a duration of five years was officially prescribed for bachelor's degree programs of Kasetsart University and the corresponding courses of study and other academic requirements inclusive of thesis were specified for each of the four programs being offered then. For other universities in the country, the duration for a bachelor's degree program was four years and no thesis was required.

Kasetsart began to offer graduate education in 1954. The first program being offered was the Master of Crop Production and Animal Husbandry program with emphasis on Animal Husbandry.

Jurisdiction over Kasetsart University shifted from that of the Ministry of Agriculture to that of the Office of the Prive Minister effective 3 September 1959 as a result of the legislation designating the Office of the Prime Minister as the ministry-equivalent entity to oversee all matters pertaining to state universities.

In 1946 a duration of five years was officially prescribed for bachelor's degree programs of Kasetsart University and the corresponding courses of study and other academic requirements inclusive of thesis were specified for each of the four programs being offered then. For other universities in the country, the duration for a bachelor's degree program was four years and no thesis was required.

Kasetsart began to offer graduate education in 1954. The first program being offered was the Master of Crop Production and Animal Husbandry program with emphasis on Animal Husbandry.

Jurisdiction over Kasetsart University shifted from that of the Ministry of Agriculture to that of the Office of the Prive Minister effective 3 September 1959 as a result of the legislation designating the Office of the Prime Minister as the ministry-equivalent entity to oversee all matters pertaining to state universities.

International Degree Programs

Kasetsart University currently offers 25 International Degree Programs, 4 Doctoral Programs, 15 Master Programs, and 6 Bachelor Degree Program including :
Ph.D. (Tropical Agriculture)
Ph.D. (Forestry)
Ph.D. (Industrial Engineer)
Ph.D. (Biotechnology)
M.S. (Aquaculture)
M.S. (Agricultural Economics)
M.S. (Biotechnology)
M.S. (Development Communication)
M.Eng. (Civil Engineering)
M.S. (Entomology)
M.Eng (Environment Engineer)
M.S. (Fishery Management)
M.S. (Fishery Product)
M.S. (Fishery Science)
M.S. (Marine Science)
M.S. (Tropical Forest)
M.Eng. (Industrial Engineering)
- Joint degree program between Kasetsart University and Case Western Reserve University, Utah State University in the USA and University of Wollongong in Australia
Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering)/Bachelor of Business Administration (Double Degree)
- This program will be run incooperation between Kasetsart University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.
Bachelor of Science (Tropical Agriculture) / Bachelor of Business Administration (International Trade) (Double Degree)
- This program will be run incooperation between Kasetsart University and Victoria University in Australia.
B. Eng (Electromechanic Manufacturing Engineer)
B. Eng (Industrial Engineer)
B. Eng (Mechanical Engineer)
B. Eng. (Software and Knowledge Engineering)

Homepage of International Studies Center

KU Administrative Units

Administrators in office
Dean Director
International Degree Program

Bangkhen Campus
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Business Administration
Faculty of Fisheries
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Forestry
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Education
- Kasetsart University Laboratory School
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Social Science
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Faculty of Agro-Industry
The Graduate School Kasetsart University
College of environment

Kamphaeng Saen Campus
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science

Si Racha Campus
Faculty of Management Sciences
Faculty of Resource and Environment
Faculty of Engineering

Chalermprakiat Sakon Nakorn Campus
Faculty of Natural Resource and Agricultural Industry
Faculty of Science and Engineer
Faculty of Arts and Management

Office of the President
Office of Registrar
Office of Computer Services
Office of Agricultural Museum and Culture
Office of Extension and Training
Office of University Library
Kasetsart University Sport Office
Quality Assurance Kasetsart Unniversity

Kasetsart University Research and Development Institute
Institution of Food Research and Product Development
Kasetsart Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute
Research and Development Institute of Industrial Production Technology : RDiPT
Research and Development Institute for Agricultural systems under Adverse Conditions
National Agricultural Extension and Training Center
The Energy and Environmental Engineering Center
Cowboy Land
Central Laboratory and Greenhouse Complex

Office of the President

General Affairs Division
Personal Division
Student Affair Division
Finance Division
Educational Service Division
Planning Division
International Affair Division
Vehicle Building and Physical Plant Division
Internal Audit Unit
International Studies Center


KU Civil Council
Ku Radio
Ku Hospital Place
Kasetsart University Foundation
KU. Public Relation
KU. Publishing Press

Affiliated Institute

Affiliated Institute of The Irrigation College
Veterinary Technology College


Kasetsart University emerged initially as the College of Agricultural offering a 3-year nondegree training program serving the personnel requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture (currently named the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives). Later the College of Agriculture was conferred a state university status on February 2, 1943 with the official name "Kasetsart University" (KU).

Kasetsart University was the first university in Thailand to offer degree programs in agricultural sciences. Such offering was dicated primarily by the country's large demand for well-trained manpower and for the development of agriculture and related fields. According to large increase in the need for degree holders in many other fields in addition to agriculture and related sciences has led Kasetsart University to expand and develop into a full-fledged University. Kasetsart University has organized a National Agricultural fair dealing with agriculture and related fields for more than five decades. Besides improvements in crop varieties, it concentrates on active role in various researches and development projects.
Kasetsart University is one of the oldest universities in Thailand and maintains a high and honorable standard of education. May new campuses have been established to serve and meet the increasing demand for higher education in the country. Up to present, Kasetsart University has expanded to the total of seven campuses throughout the country. They are:

Bangkhen Campus
This is the original and main campus of the university. It is situated on the area measuring 846 rai (135 hectares) in the lower part of the northern zone of Bangkok at the distance of approximately 6 kilometers to the south of Don Muang International Airport. At present, 13 faculties, 2 colleges, 10 offices, 7 institutes and the Graduate School of the university operate at this campus with a total student population of approximately 38,681.The faculties are Agriculture, Agro-Industry, Architecture, Business Administration, Economics, Education, Engineering, Fisheries, Forestry, Humanities, Science, Social Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. The headquarters of all colleges, institutes, centers and offices of the university are also locate in the campus.

Kamphaeng Saen Campus
Kasetsart University, the first Higher Education Institute in Thailand to offer an academically strong program in agriculture, has been established since 1943. It was located in the area belonged to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives called Kaset Klang Bangkhen or Central Kaset Bangkhen.

In 1965, M.L. Xujati Kambhu, the University President at that time, perceived that the existing area at Bangkhen was not adequate to support the educational expansion according to the National Social and Economics Development Plan. He then searched for a new site. The University Council considered that Kamphaeng Saen District was the most appropriate site for several reasons. Firstly it was only 80 kilometres from Bangkok and 30 kilometres from down town Nakhon Pathom Province. Secondly, the soil was fertile suitable for cultivation. The water can be channeled from the Meaklong River through the irrigation canel dug from the Vajiralongkorn Dam in Kanchanaburi Province. Moreover, big plots of land were available. The Council, then, presented the University master plan to the Cabinet for the purchase and development of land. It was approved on December 6, 1996. Kasetsart University bought altogether 7,841 rai (or 1,270 hectares) of land and the first phase building were constructed in 1974 and finished in 1978.

On November 12, 1979, Kamphaeng Saen Campus started teaching and learning activities by moving the third and fourth year students in faculty of Agriculture and agriculture related programs from Bangkhen to Kamphaeng Saen. From 1990, Kamphaeng Saen Campus could offer classes to students from the first to the fourth year including graduate students.

Sri Racha Campus
This campus occupies the area of 199 rai (32 hectares) in Si Racha District of Chon Buri Province at the distance of approximately 107 kilometers to the east of Bangkok. It was originally an agricultural research station of the university since 1954. Its establishment as a campus took place in 1989 and was dictated by the pressing of the country shortage of high quality manpower as a consequence of the Eastern Seaboard Development Project.
The campus offers degree courses and short-term training programs in three faculties which are Management Sciences, Engineering, and Resources and Environment. The bachelor's degree programs include Business Management, Marketing, Finance, Hotel and Tourism Management, Hotel Studies, International Business, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Computer Science, and Environmental Science. The International Institute of Maritime (IIM) is a new coming office in Si Racha Campus. It is being established and will be finished within 6 years time
The campus also provides special master's degree programs in Business Economics and expects to offer another master's degree program in Agribusiness in the first semester of the academic year 2004.

Chalermphrakiat Sakon Nakhon Province Campus
Chalermphrakiat Sakon Nakhon Province Campus is the fourth campus of Kasetsart University. The campus was established in 1996 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of his Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej's accession to the throne.To mark such significance, His Majesty the King graciously granted permission for the university to include the modifying term "Chalermphrakiat", literally meaning "upholding the honor of His Majesty the King", in the name of the campus. The campus intends to provide much needed development - accelerating academic services and expected to be the center of education for the upper northeastern region of Thailand. Therefore, the campus will meet the needs of the growing region and will support the government's policy of expanding educational opportunities to the distance provinces. The campus aims are for development in management, education, teaching, research and human resources. These aims are in line with Kasetsart University's four primary objectives of learning and teaching, research and development, academic services and extensions, and promotion of traditional arts and cultures.

Lop Buri Campus
This campus occupies an area of 1,876 rai (300.16 hectares) in the Khok Samrong district of the Lop Buri province at a distance of approximately 190 km north of Bangkok. The campus is being founded according to the Cabinet approval on the Educational Opportunities Expansion Project to meet the needs of the people, institutions and organizations of the region and the nation. Services encompass undergraduate and graduate education, basic and applied research and training to the benefit of people. These activities will be done with people participatory perspectives. Degree programs to be offered covering science, technology and social science such as agricultural technology, agro - industry, economics, business administration, study for development, agricultural engineering, environmental management, sustainable tourism science, and wildlife studies. This campus is a national institution with international perspective in that for the global regional cooperation. This campus aims to provide international degree program to the maximum sustainable extent through high quality teaching and research for students of neighbouring countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos PDR.

Suphan Buri Campus
Suphan Buri Campus is situated in the Muang and Bangplama Districts of Suphan Buri Province at a distance of 100 kilometers northwest of Bangkok. The establishment of this new campus will provide opportunities for higher education in an agricultural area and a Center of Excellence for Farmer's Health, strengthening the role of agriculture in Thai economy. The project for its initial development was approved in principle by the Cabinet in 1995 and the corresponding development works have been ongoing since then. Suphan Buri Campus would comprise the following faculties : Allied Health Science, Sports Science, Laws and Human Resource Development. This campus would carry out manpower development programs to supplement its own lecturing staffs and provide a pool of skills for the country and in particular the western region. In addition, it would seek to offer quality and excellence in health related science education. It is intended that the local community will benefit from the establishment of the Suphan Buri Campus by the usage of the university facilities.

Admission of students to the degree-bound educational programs of this campus began in the academic year 1999 by offering master degree program on Sports Science, M.S. (Sports Science). In 2000, the second special master program on Business Administration, M.B.A. has been started. The third degree program was a top-up bachelor degree program on Public Health, B.P.H. which started from March 2001. Recently, the bachelor degree program on Sports Science and Hotel and Tourism Management have been on going and a total of 1,000 students have been enrolled in this campus.

Krabi Campus
Krabi Campus locates in Krabi Province, one of the six provinces along the Andaman seacoast, about 900 kms south of Bangkok. This seventh and the youngest campus of Kasetsart University was established by the request of Southern people who has strongly recognized the roles of Kasetsart University in various disciplines.
During the pioneer period (1997-2002), the campus has completed the feasibility study and the Master Plan. Two ideal sites have been studied, the public land controlled by Krabi Agriculture and Technology College and Tung Kanoon Parn at Talingchan Subdistrict. The first site will be developed into education center as well as the headquarter of the university campus. The second site is aimed in developing into the research station for transferring appropriate technologies on potential cash crop farming, livestock, product development and handicraft center to promote tourism development in the area. Krabi Campus has set up the graduate program on Education Administration while the M.B.A. program is underway.Top up degree program on Sport Sciences has been developed in this campus. Moreover, curriculum of top up degree program in Agricultural Development was completed for future action. Krabi Campus has signed the agreement with UPM (Malaysia) and BAIF (India) so as to promote the regional cooperation. Thai- Nordic Course was operated three times with the cooperation of the Tropical Unit, University of Helsinki. And in this connection, Krabi Campus has also established Andaman Institute to conduct research and development, technology transfer, as well as the establishing the Andaman Youth Leadership Network.
In the second phase (2002-2006), Krabi Campus will develop the infrastructure as well as the information Technology System so as to provide the best opportunity to students in the region. More manpower development program is strengthening as well as the seeking more partnership to be involved in the regional development. The campus will concentrate the research program on education, spot science, natural resource and environment, coastal zone development, rubber, oil palm, fruit orchards, cut flowers, goat production, tourism development, and navigation.

International Students Hand Book

more information:

Kasetsart University
50 Phahonyothin Road, Lat Yao Subdistrict, Jatujak District, Bangkok 10900 near Phahonyothin Road Kilometer 14 at the intersection of Phahonyothin and Ngamwongwan Roads


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